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[2017/04/29] Pre alpha alpha 0.2

Just some fixes on the way we handle stomping on enemies and a linux build which is untested so, please, test it (or not :)

[2017/04/29] Pre alpha alpha 0.1

So, I've released this first pre alpha alpha version. There is no "game" there yet. You can shoot enemies and that is it. At least they do die but it is very basic. But the "combat" system is there as well as the structure to make enemies and difficulty progress with time. Now I need to polish more the game, add more animations, maybe toy a little bit with particles and add more enemies and bosses. Oh! And I need to implement the actual game loop where you die and check your score. So... I still need to make a game here!

About the game

You are a little astronaut that finds a cute small planet. Now evil robots want to destroy it and only you can protect it! Kill the robots!

Originally made for Ludum Dare #38, but didn't have the time to finish. Don't know if I ever will...


This game is a plataform shooter with waves of enemies coming at you non-stop. You can shoot, dodge and reflect bullets. Try to live as long as you can!


pre-alpha-alpha-0.2-win.zip 10 MB
pre-alpha-alpha-0.2-linux.zip 13 MB

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